Lemon Butter

I decided to make this recipe because I know my mum loves lemon butter and I’d like to give her som I’ve made myself rather than one I’ve bought from the store, and because my husband also has a thing for lemon tarts and anything else that’s lemony. I could take it or leave it, but maybe if I make my own it  will be super delicious and convert me?!

First off, I grated the peel (using my microplane) and juiced 6 lemons, added all of that to a saucepan, then added 400g of caster sugar to it. I heated it until the sugar was melted, then added 150g of good quality (I used Lurpak) butter and waited until that melted. I then transferred the lemon butter mix to another bowl which I sat on top of a saucepan of water, and gently heated the lemon butter. I then beat 5 eggs, placed a sieve on top of the bowl, poured the beaten eggs into it and quickly mixed the eggs into the lemon butter. I then gently heated this mixture (being careful not to let it boil as this would split the mixture) for around 30 minutes until it started to coat the back of my wooden spoon.

I then filled my jars with the lemon butter and it’s now cooling!


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