When I was in primary school my mum would send me off to school with a ‘lunch order’ – a paper bag with the items my mum or I had chosen for my lunch that day at school. The order total would be written on the front of the paper bag and that amount of money (usually in coins) would be placed inside the bag and folded over. When I arrived at school in the morning, I gave my teacher the lunch order, and then at little lunch and/or big lunch the order would arrive inside the paper bag.

One of my favourite items to have for little lunch was the fingerbun – a delicious, light, sultana filled, brioche-like bread in the shape of a finger, topped with a lightly strawberry flavoured icing and rolled in dessicated coconut. I’ve been thinking about these fingerbuns for a little while now and decided that today was the day to attempt to reproduce one of my favourite childhood treats.


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