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Pickling and Jamming

I’ve often thought about making jams, chutneys, pickling things, jarring things, but it seemed a bit scary and I had no idea where to start. I saw a workshop here in Sydney where they teach you how to pickle, so I booked myself in, it was only an hour, but I learnt so much, I ended up with 5 pages of notes about pickling and it really didn’t seem as hard as I had thought – our teacher said if we can bake a cake then we can definitely pickle.

So yesterday I went to The Chef and the Cook in Camperdown and picked up some jars, and a little pickling toolkit, and today I pickled!

First up was pickled young ginger – basically you finely slice some young ginger, pop it in a jar, boil up some rice vinegar, salt and sugar and pour it over the sliced ginger, then seal the jar, that’s it!

I really wanted to have a go at bread and butter pickles too, so I picked up some beautiful baby cucumbers from Eveleigh markets, sliced them up with some white onion, made a brine of white wine vinegar, sugar, turmeric, mustard seeds and dill and filled the jars with it, it smells delicious and I can’t wait to see how they taste. I’ll be having a burger night very soon!

The other thing I wanted to make was quince jelly because I had all this leftover quince stock from poaching the quinces for my tart! All I did was boil the stock (1 litre) for around 20 minutes, add 100g of oven-warmed sugar, then boil for another 20 minutes and fill and seal the jar, it tastes delicious.

Once all the sealing was done and I was happy with how they’d turned out, I wanted to make them look a bit special, so I gave them cute little tags which were leftover from my wedding last year!